Friday, 21 September 2012

Visitor To My Garden

Hi blog friends, I don't have a card to post today but I thought you might like to see my visitor of a couple of months ago.  We often see the deer further down the field at the back of the house (we have a couple of acres so there is plenty of room for them!) but not too often in such close proximity to the front of the house. They obviously do come though because they polished off all the ornamental cabbage in my rock garden last year! My nephew and his children were here at the time and the children thought it was wonderful. (They are townies.) The pictures are not the best quality because I took them through the kitchen window - I didn't want to open it and scare my little friend away.  A week or so ago I glanced up from my desk, which is in front of the window, and there was another deer just standing looking at the window as if it was wondering what I was doing! It then reminded me about the pictures I took earlier.

    She worked her way along the hedge and then obviously  decided that the apple blossom would taste better.

The funniest thing we saw was a couple of years ago when eight of the creatures decided to just come through the gate and across the lawn. However, the next gate was shut so seven of them just jumped straight over.  Number 8 however trotted up and then stopped dead. She backed off a bit and tried again. Her friends were all waiting patiently on the other side of the gate. After the 4th unsuccessful attempt they obviously got fed up of waiting and started to move on, so she went back through the open gate to find a gap in the hedge, which is their usual way in. It was so funny to see. I only wish  my camera had been handy that day!! It was like watching a show jumping event and the horse shying at the jump.

Anyway, that's the end of this episode of  "An every day story of country folk" - with apologies to The Archers!!

Have a good day everybody, and I will be back with a card tomorrow.

Love from Christine x


  1. Hi Christine, how wonderful it is when wild creatures come to visit, that's what I miss after living on acreage especially the King Parrots that used to feed from my hand.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  2. WOW!! Such a wonderful sight. Thank you for sharing

    I hope you have a good day
    Hugs Sue

  3. Hi Christine,
    isn't it lovely to just watch animals that one doesn't get to see in the town. Reminds me of a holiday in Scotland. We had a lovely wooden lodge on a farm, there were only 2 of these on this farm, but every evening in the field quite near a whole load of deer would appear. I don't know if the farmer fed them or if they were something to do with farm. In any rate we just loved to watch them.
    As you said you couldn't open a door or window to photograph them otherwise they all would run off.
    Have a wonderful crafty day everyone.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Woww Christine,you are very lucky lady to can see this gorgeous animal in your garden^_^
    Thanks a lot to share it with us^_^
    A big hug,

  5. Hi Christine, wildlife is so wonderful and to see animals, birds etc. in, like you said, such close proximity is fantastic. Not keen on mice but now and again one creeps into our garden and enjoys the bits dropped under the bird feeders he is so cute and my little grandson was mesmerized when he last visited. I could watch nature all day lol! Have a lovely Friday, love Christine H xx

  6. Well I've made it at last and I am up to date (I hope) and what a way to end my catch up. What fabulous pictures, doesn't matter about the clarity of them, they are lovely. How lovely it must be to see them so gently slipping in to see you. I remember when I was a girl, about 9, we lived in Caerwent (said Ki-er-went, with a curl in your tongue on the -er- and you have to almost sing it, just as the Welsh do remember, lol!) anyway, we were surrounded by farmland and if you were up early enough, you may catch a badger or deer and of course, lots of furry bunnies running around the fields. We also had a little land around our house and a very large fish pond that attracted some beautiful dragonflies. Even though I was young I still remember how wonderful it was to see these timid creatures gingerly attempt to come by the hedges between us. Caerwent is set at the bottom of Wentwood which is part of The Forest of Dean (you may have heard of that) and so only a short drive away we could be up in the dense trees trying for a glimpse of the herds, but never were they spotted of course. Such quiet, secluded animals.
    Thank you for that lovely trip down memory lane, it brought a much needed smile to my face for sure.
    I do hope you are having a good day. Please may I ask if you received a text message from me last week. I am only checking because my phone has been playing up so much (in the doctors being fixed at and I was concerned you may not have received it.
    Take care and thank you again for the lovely pictures.
    Hugs Linda x

  7. Aahh Christine - I really felt for the last little sweetie - that would have been me of course! Reminded me of when I was at school trying to get over the bloomin' hurdles - trying was only way to describe it. I never succeeded.

    Lovely stories though.

    Hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  8. Wow . You are lucky to see that gorgeous darling. I love animals and would love to see that lovely sight. Such a precious thing. All the best. Sharon xxx

  9. Really cute story, enjoyed reading that, and the pictures. Wish we had them near should see how excited we were just to have a frog in our pond a last lol. Hugs lin


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