I always did crafting of some sort from being a child. In the church I attended there was a Ladies Circle and these ladies met in each other's homes and did things like knitting, crochet, sewing and embroidery. They also put on little plays and pageants. As children we were all a little jealous of the fun things our mums got up to and from there the Children's Circle was born.We did all the same things, including putting on pantomimes at Christmas and other little plays.  My sister and I were the Babes in the Wood when we were very young and the following year we were to be Hansel and Gretel but my sister didn't want to be a boy again. Such a spoilsport. I often wonder how we ever learned all the lines because we only about 7 and 8. The costumes were superb, all made by my aunt and uncle who ran the group. We met in the church every week and learned all kinds of craft. Embroidery was the first thing I learned and I can still remember the tablecloth I embroidered.  Whatever happened to it?

From there I learned to crochet, knit, rug making etc. I wasn't too keen on knitting because having learned to crochet first I found knitting didn't grow quickly enough for me.

I continued with all these crafts until I encountered card making and papercrafting and that was it! It took over my life and I have never regretted a minute.

I am now a member of the Craft and Laugh Group at my WI and once again have got involved with many other crafts.  We are all eager to learn new crafts and we do many different workshops.  However, card making and papercrafting is still my first love.

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