Thursday, 4 October 2012

Christmas Money Wallet

Hi Blog friends!  I've had a very busy couple of days and no time for crafting. However, John has just gone up to Scotland for a few days so my time is all mine . Yippee!! Great stuff eh?  Well actually, no. I plonked myself down at my desk and  ............. could think of absolutely nothing at all. Zilch!

I did a bit  of playing around with a few stamps, and I also made a start on a couple of other things but in the end I just decided to give up.

I did actually make one very simple thing - just so that I could say I hadn't totally wasted  my day. When my nephew was married last year we gave him a cheque because they wanted the money to put towards furniture. Rather than just handing over a cheque in an envelope I made a fancy Wedding Money Wallet, like you would do  at Christmas. So, just so that I could say I did something today I made a Christmas wallet. I'll probably use it for one  my great nieces or nephews.

Click on image to enlarge picture.

I used A4 card and folded it to fit into a DL envelope. Obviously if this was to be the actual Christmas card too then you would probably want to make a much fancier card. But for this I just layered red glitter card onto the front and added a Forever Friends sticker. I have no idea where this came from because it's certainly not something I would buy.

Anyway, I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day and I can come up with something creative!! LOL!

With love from Christine x

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  1. Hi Christine, I have made money wallets in the past, and find it fun to decorate smaller cards, it's good to personalise them for family and friends. Hope your Mojo is back today.

    Take care

    Wilma x x

  2. Hi Christine, I've made money wallets too and if I give a gift card, usually make my own card to go with it, this is really cute! It's always the way, I'm the same - suddenly get some free time, sit and my desk and my mojo has usually gone awol. I often find doing a layout sketch from a photo of another card in a book or magazine often works, hope he's returned now :) Carole Z X

  3. Good Morning Christine,
    This is a great idea, will have to keep it in mind
    Know what you mean, when we have time we just do not seem to get things together the way would like. Set a deadline and all the ideas come rushing at once.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia x

  4. This is gorgeous Christine I love the design and fabulous images


  5. Lovely Christine. I think we all suffer from this now and again, I find looking at the challenge bog list inspirational, as they give you a theme or you can only use certain things on the card.x

  6. Hi Christine,
    wonderful money wallet card. A great idea. Isn't that just typical when you have plenty of time to craft the old mojo decides to do a disappearing act. I find When I have plenty of housework to do the ideas are flowing in my brain like mad, and then when I sit down to craft they have all flown I hope you find yours today.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. It's a lovely idea Christine and so much nicer than just putting money into any old envelope inside a card. This shows care and attention and therefore would make the money more of a gift.
    Have a fab time crafting and if you find 'mojo' please send her my way too please. Lol! Hope hubby has good time. Hugs Linda xx

  8. Hi Christine, I agree with the other comments such a good idea and a much nicer way to give money as a gift. Feel my mojo has gone so when I get down to some serious crafting may need to call on yours to get going again. Hope you have found yours today and enjoying your Thursday, love Christine H xx

  9. Hi dearest Christine^_^
    Your card is beautiful...I used the same image,but a stamps for a few cards,today I wrote a post with this^_^

  10. This is a really good idea Christine - I think it would be great to keep 1 or 2 in (for young ones and older ones) because when a quick present is called for you can just pop some money into one of these and it would look soooo brilliant. Think this is lovely!

    I am the same when Graham is at work (next week) and I will start to do something then the mojo will go!! It's because we don't really like them being away from home!!!! lol!

    Big hugs to you Sue Pxxx

  11. What a fan idea honey! Better than buying a gift card and at least we get joy and satisfaction of creating our own. I love Christmas but it doesn't seem the same anymore since my boys have grown up but I just love buying for others and especially making Christmas cards. Absolutely beautiful gift card. Hugs sharon xxxx


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