Thursday, 25 April 2013


Good morning - but only just! I've been rather busy finishing a Memory Album for my friend's daughter's 21st birthday. I'm almost there, just a couple of pages to finish . I have the pictures ready to use,  it's just sorting out embellishments etc. I've taken a break to make a very quick card for a friend. I came across the Docrafts Daisy and Dandelion stuff whilst I was clearing out last week. (My craft room is even worse now than before I started!!)

My Card
Click on image to enlarge picture.

It made a very quick and easy card, which is just as well since time is short at the moment.  I can scarcely believe it's Thursday already. Last time I checked it was Sunday!!! Lol! It makes a change that a guy card was an easy one to put together.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day!

love and hugs from Christine xx

PS I know it is now afternoon - but John interupted me to find something! Are all men missing the "find item" gene? He will open cupboard or drawer and swear that said item is not there. He hasn't yet grasped that you actually have to move things, it's not simply going to jump up into your hands! I guess after 40 years I'm not going to change him now!!!


  1. Hi Christine,
    a really lovely card. Just really fabulous the whole thing. My hubby just wandered in as I was looking at it and said the same too.
    Now I know what you mean about this missing gene men seem to have, about finding anything. My hubby can look into a cupboard,draw, freezer draw, and say I can't see what I want. If I look it's right there in front of his eyes, and when I say there it is, he says well I didn't see that.
    Have a lovely crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. What a lovely card Christine. I think we are all the same with our craft stash. Hugs Rita xx

  3. This is gorgeous,love the

  4. Great card Christine love your image
    jacqui x

  5. I had a good chuckle at your DH is exactly the same and so is my little grandson! teehee...I agree with must be genetic!

    Lovely would be so appropriate for my SH who is not at all handy! Whenever he undertakes a project I just feel awful as I know I will eventually be called in to help! teehee

    Your card is so sweet...the image is coloured beautifully!

    Thanks for the nice comments about crafting with my friend. We have totally different styles and she teased me about being too picky with my carddmaking! She finishes everything she does in about 3 on the other hand, I move all the elements about till they are nearly worn out and then I glue them down. She has usually made 6 or 8 cards by then. teehee

    We get along great and she is the best neighbour and friend! I feel truly blessed to have her right next door. She has one of those really posh latte/cappucino machines...think it was maybe $1500 so I always get a fabulous latte when I craft over there!!!
    Poor thing, she has to suffer through a drip pot coffee over here! teehee

  6. Men are the same everywhere lol, hubby just asked where the dog's coat was, as it is cold here this evening, only to find he was looking right at!!
    Anyway fab card and just sooo much to see, I love it and going to have another look after enlarging annie

  7. Wat een schitterende kaart Christine, super mooi.
    groetjes Janie

  8. Prachtige kaart Christine.

    Groetjes Karla

  9. Very cute Christine and your men can't find it gene is spot on! My other half swears he's looked 'there' and it's not 'there' for me to regularly find it 'there' lol Karen x

  10. Your card is fabulous Christine, I love the image.
    Sue xx

  11. Gorgeous card Christine. Fabulous image and design.
    Men are all the same, mu hubby can't find what's under his nose!!
    Lorraine x

  12. How time flies Christine, I was the same as you today....Thursday! I love your card, it is so cute!

  13. Gorgeous card Christine and loved your PS at the bottom of your post it really made e smile and oh so true


  14. Fab card Christine I think Paul has that gene too! its never where he looks but somehow appears when I go to look LOL I was in my craft room today tidying up and sorting things still havent finished oh dear bad sign :)) huggles hun Sue xxx

  15. Beautiful card ,the bottom made me smile my hubby is just the same .Melanie

  16. Fab male card Christine....and I think all men must be the same, mine certainly is! Carol x

  17. Lovely card! Yep my husbands the same, couldn't find something if it was right in front of his nose! Carole Zx

  18. Oooh this is a different spotlight technique Christine, so cute.

  19. Love the card Christine - ideal male card.

  20. Hi Christine, lovely quick card. Yes my hubby puts things away in a safe place and when it comes to finding it, it cannot be found, and then he blames me. What are men like.

    Wilma x x x

  21. Morning Christine, lovely quick card and the colours are great! Have a lovely Friday and hope the sun shines on you. Love & hugs Christine H xx

  22. I love your card, great colours and layout.
    Have a Great Weekend

    Patricia xx

  23. Very sweet card Christine! Enjoy the weekend! xx

  24. What a fabulous card my dearest friend^_^
    Adorable image ^_^
    Have a sweet weekend^_^


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