Saturday 15 June 2013

Scrapbook Pages

I don't have a card to post. Life has been a little unkind in the last day or so. More later!!!! Instead I thought I would post a double page scrapbook page that I did for my friend's daughter. Gail liked the scrapbook I did for my niece when she was 21 showing her life to date in pictures, so she asked me to do the same for her daughter. I tell you, I find it much easier doing it for family members! I think the journalling  is more difficult  when you don't know somebody so well. I do know Harriet obviously - but not all the little personal  family things and "in" jokes etc.

My Project

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The script isn't showing up well in the picture  but it is quite funny so I'll type it out .  "Here you are wearing the hats mum made for the village fetes. A photographer from the local newspaper was there one time and was keen to photograph you in your wonderful creation. However, true to form you were having none of it. Nothing daunted he whipped the hat off your head, put it onto another child, and the picture duly appeared in the paper the following week - sans Harriet!"

Now let me tell you my tale of woe!  At half past nine on Thursday evening I went to make a cup of tea.  I turned on the tap and heard a loud "Splat". Suddenly water is pouring out over the kitchen floor at a great rate of knots from underneath the sink unit.  I'm yelling for John who is upstairs in the lounge with the television on.  By the time he got down there was a swimming pool in the kitchen - and still the water poured! He then had to go back upstairs and up into the loft and managed to switch off the flow from the drinking water tank, by which time we had literally lost about 60 gallons.  It's incredible how quickly it flows out! My regular blog buddies are aware that we are not on the mains and so have a well and holding tanks in the loft.  My precious drinking water! Sob! Sob!  Our house is open plan with two entrances into the kitchen and I was desperately trying to keep the water from the hall and also from the back corridor, both of which have hardwood floors. The kitchen floor is ceramic tile fortunately. It took us about an hour and half to get things cleaned up and dried as best we could but the water was underneath the units obviously.  We were both soaking wet and looked as if we had just survived a shipwreck!! John lit the woodburner in the kitchen so that it would help dry everything out and then we went to bed - shattered!!

John was up again just after five because he was obviously concerned about trying to sort out the problem. Needless to say I was up too. He had to take out all the plumbing/ drainage pipes etc (I make a good plumber's mate but I think I need to learn some of the terminology. Lol!!) and the base unit from under the sinks so that he could see what the problem was. Then there was a trip into town to a plumber's merchant and then came the actual repair work. By the time it was all done and the base unit replaced ( not without a few curses I've got to admit!) it was half past two.  Even though everywhere was still a tip I just had to stop for a bite of lunch before tackling the clean up. Our kitchen is more of a family room and we spend a lot of time in there but I couldn't face sitting eating in such a mess so we actually used the dining room - a very rare occurrence when there is just the two of us.  All it needs now is a good very hot wash to try and clean the towels which I used to help in the dry up operation. We had a good laugh afterwards when we realised just how bad we looked!

Sorry to burden you with all of that. If you are still here I hope you are having a better time than me! Lol!
Today I am having a very restful day prior to my epic day tomorrow.

Love and hugs from Christine xx


Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Oh you poor things what an ordeal for you both hope thing get better and you have a good ride tomorrow - great pages
jacqui xxx

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine, oh poor you..I hate it when horrid 'watery' things happen in the house! Tom and I think we're cursed with water, anything that goes wrong here has water involved - I reckon it's cos I'm Pisces!!! At least you could have a laugh about it afterwards, but at the time it must have been really heart sinking. On the crafty side, I love your layouts! Hugs Carole Z XX

Hazel said...

Christine. What a terrible thing to happen, especially to your drinking water, I know how much the loss of 60 litres will mean to yo, people on mains water have no idea how lucky they are just turn on the tap and use as much water as they like without thinking. I have a friend Hazel ( there are three adults and a child with the name who live within 2 miles of me). Hazel and husband Sandy own a farm and they have their own water supply, they worry all the time over water, as like you it can get very low at times and with animals to provide for too it's a big problem.
You both must have been a pretty picture to look at. It's the mess that's caused I hate as it gets every where. Funny how we all grab for the towel pile when these things happen then you have another big job on your hands getting them washed and dried plus you use more water.
Anyway enough waffle, I love your two scrap book pages great layouts, I just think it's a great way to record those moments in life. Hope you get some warm weather to help dry everything. Hazel

Rita said...

Good Morning Christine. Love those scrapbook pages. Hope you both manage some rest today. Water can cause such terrible damage. We had similar a few years ago too, the connection in the loft had not been tightened up after plumbers put in a tap for the garden use. The guest room and top landing were awash, the bed was new and all the bedding too. I cried like a baby after we cleared it up. Good Luck for the race. Hugs Rita xxxxx

Sue said...

Oh my goodness Christine, it sounds like you had an awful time. I'm glad it's all sorted now and hopefully you will have a restful day to prepare yourself for tomorrow.
Your scrapbook pages are gorgeous, I love the photos and wonderful detailing.
Take care and I hope you have a good time on Sunday, fingers crossed for good weather.
hugs Sue xx

Doreen said...

Oh Christine,what an awful thing to go through...Just as well you can laugh about it now....Love your scrapbook pages,fab

Patricia said...

Awww!! Christine can I send you a (Hug)
What a disaster, at least you were able to situations like that you have to laugh or you just end up crying which you probably did anyway. Water makes such a mess but loosing your precious drinking water makes it even worse.
My friend Pearl is still not back in her house after it was flooded the Friday before Christmas.

By the way your Scrapbook Pages are fantastic, great photos.
Hope the weather is kind to you for tomorrow, good luck

Patricia xxx

Unknown said...

As long as you can laugh's the best medicine they tell me. Great scrapping pages anyway.xx

Stamps and Paper said...

Oh Christine how awful for you...there's nothing worse that water in the home but like Patricia say at least you can laugh about it.
Love your gorgeous scrapbook pages


Sonia said...

Just wonderful work my dear friend^_^
What a demage...
Have a sweet weekend^_^
Big hug,

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
so sorry about your water damage. It sounds horrendous just reading about it. As Hazel said we don't realize how luck we are us peeps that have mains water. It's amazing how you can turn a catastrophe, later into a laughing matter. It just shows you have a great humorous side, to be able to turn such a horrid episode to a humorous one.
Now to your scrapbook pages. They are very lovely, and great keepsakes for the person you made them for.I bet she was sooooo pleased with them. Brilliant hats.
Have a wonderful restful weekend. Here's hoping no more house probs for a while as you have had your fair share of late.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Lorraine said...

Oh dear! It sounds like you've had a stressful time, but at least you can laugh about it.

Your pages are gorgeous, a wonderful way to show off photo's and memories.
Have a lovely weekend
Lorraine x

Sue said...

Oh wow Christine huge huggles to you I've been in situations like that when you don't know whether to laugh or cry have a restful day before your epic one tomorrow lots of hugs and thinking of you Sue xx

Christine Hussey said...

Oh my word Christine my heart goes out to you. We only think of these things happening in comedy sketches but when it actually happens to us it just isn't funny. Thankfully you and John have a great sense of humour and could see the funny side of the situation. Water is so damaging and I so hope it is all drying out well and your lovely drinking water will be replenished very soon.
Your scrap book pages are lovely and I'm sure your friend will be delighted with them. I love watching Melanie Heaton on C&C scrap booking I find her such an inspiration for this craft. One day I will have a go but at the moment my little Cavalier puppy isn't leaving me much time to do anything lol but I love him to bits.
Hope you were able to recharge your batteries ready for your race. Good luck!
Love & hugs Christine H xx