Thursday, 5 January 2017

Something's In The Air at MAWTT

Good morning to you all.  I've not off to a very good start to the new year computer-wise!  I have been having great difficulty in getting internet access!!  It's all very weird.  I have access to evrything else but then unable to print anything because the computer can't talk to the printer without internet.  My goodness, we seem to rely on the internet for everything now don't we?

I have managed to make a card and fortunately John's lap top is fine so I have hijacked it to get this posted. Zoe is our host at MAWTT for our first challenge of 2017.

My Card

5 x 7" base card
Papermania pad - "Born To Shop"
stick on butterfly

This is just a very quick card.  I found this absolutely ancient pad (or what remains of it!) that I have had for years!! Apart from the butterfly, which was from Hobbycraft, everything on the card is from the Going Green paper pad. I'm sorry the picture quality is so poor, but at least I have managed to get something published.  John is working on my PC as we speak!!!

Please pop over to the blog and see what my teamies have come up with.

Take care and have a good day.

Love and hugs Christine xx


  1. I can sympathise with you Christine, computer problems are not much fun. Our internet kept dropping last week but luckily Colin was home to fix it otherwise I'd have been goosed! Super card today and a lovely sentiment, Jx

  2. Don't get me started, one day my computer loves me and the next few it just won't play nicely at all. Love the card J x

  3. Hello Christine, hope all is well with you and John. Oh computers, always a problem with them.
    Your card is lovely, the colours are wonderful.
    Thank you for your stunning Christmas card, what glitter did you use on it as it twinkled and twinkled all through Christmas, need to get some, take care, Kate x

  4. What a pain having problems with your PC Christine its times like this we realize just how much we rely on our PC's... Lovely card and a great sentiment


  5. Glad you persevered Christine this is a lovely card and so cheerful on these cold damp days. Happy New Year Zx

  6. Hi Christine
    Well, you have a bird and a butterfly so you're definitely covered lol!
    Great card and spot on for the challenge.
    Computers can be such a pain.
    Happy New Year!
    Ang x

  7. Morning Christine,
    Great card, it's good to use up old products, but I hasten to add that most of mine goes to the local Brownie Pack.

  8. What a great friendship card -- who doesn't love cats and birds!
    Sorry about your internet problems. Hope it is straightened out now!
    Sandy xx

  9. Such a lovely card Christine..hope your internet probs get sorted lots of huggles Sue xxx


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