Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No card - again!

Sorry dear blog friends but there is no card again today. Yesterday I acted as John's chauffeuse again while he did some more walking. There was a National Trust property close to the end  of his walk where I would be picking him up so I spent a lovely few hours there. The weather was glorious so after I had some lunch, viewed the property and walked around the grounds I then spent the rest of the time sitting reading in the gardens in the sunshine till John rang to say he needed his chauffeuse again. It was very relaxing and very peaceful!  I must admit to feeling very envious of their beautiful lawns and flower beds. We are bothered by rabbits and deer which seem to like my plants. My vegetable garden is very well enclosed  fortunately - rabbit proof and deer proof!  Also, a couple of times a year the moles migrate to another area,  using our lawn as a stopping off point en route. Pesky little rascals! That is not whatt John calls them , I hasten to add!

Well I'll be back tomorrow to share something with you. Have a great day!

love from Christine xx


  1. Christine no need to apologise for not posting a card, I really don't know how some peeps manage to make a card everyday, I certainly can't.

    Sorry to hear you're plagued by rabbits and deer but Bandicoots are worse....when we lived in the hinterland on acreage I had a beautiful fernery which people could walk through but the rotten bandicoots used to dig holes in the beds and uproot my beautiful ferns - they are also host to the paralysis tick which eventually killed our dog.


  2. Hi Christine,
    as Eels said no need to apologize. Enjoy your day. I am still having trouble with the comments box, did everything you told me in the email, and yes I did save it, but the darn thing still isn't working. Have a great crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Ooh it sounds like an idyllic day, just walking in the sunshine and relaxing and reading while enjoying the views all around. We have had nothing but horrid rain, torrential at times. This evening has been dry but there is still a threat of rain in the air; fingers crossed it stays away.
    Lovely to see you are embracing the blog but not letting it rule you. You have started beautifully and have created a lovely group of blog friends too, I hope it brings you many joys.
    Best wishes dear friend. Linda x


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