Thursday 9 August 2012

Something other than a card!

Well after all that we didn't get out yesterday. The weather was pretty dreary so John decided he had things he could  be doing - which left me free to craft. Do you hear me complaining? Having said that, by 2pm it was absolutely beautiful, but too late was the cry. There's always another day.

Since I have named my blog Cards and Crafts, implying I will do things other than cards, I decided to make some flap boxes, which I saw on Becca Feekins "Amazing Paper Grace" site earlier this year.  If you don't know her work you really should pay a visit. She truly is amazing! I haven't yet worked out how to add a link I'm afraid . (So much to learn!!)   Her web address is  She has a video tutorial both there and on Youtube.

These are so easy to make from 1 piece of 12"x12" double sided cardstock. It is purely down to folds, no glue necessary.  Like origami. Maybe it is origami, I don't know. At Easter I made quite a number of them, put in some shredded tissue paper and added some Cadbury's mini cream eggs. ( Whoops, I'm advertising, but since it is a part of the company I worked for maybe it's allowed!) Once made you can add  embellishments to make them as simple or ornate as you like. These three are pretty simple but I did one for my sister which was gorgeous and I put a small piece of jewellry in for her birthday.  But I totally forgot to take a picture! What a wally!

The pictures are pretty rubbish actually but I think you can get the general idea. I tried to show inside a box too. The lid just slides into grooves on the under side of the lid. Pretty nifty eh?

Well that's it for today. Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.

love from Christine xx


melanie said...

Stunning boxs must take a look over may have to have a go at these.Melanie

Carole Z said...

Hi Christine...beautiful boxes, I must take a look at the site, love the papers, especially the polka dot! Don't worry about the linking, I've been blogging almost a year and only recently discovered how! If you highlight the name, ie Amazing Paper Grace and click on 'link' on the menu bar at the top, it will bring up a box, all you need is to copy and paste the site's URL, click ok and hey presto it should highlight in blue on your page...hope this helps, Carole Z X

Christine Hussey said...

Morning Christine, these boxes are absolutely stunning and no glueing, wow! Will definitely be taking a look at Becca's site as would love to have a go at this. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Love Christine H xx

Sue said...

WOW!! These are gorgeous. Such a clever design and I love the colours and embellishments you have used.
I hope you have a good day
Hugs Sue

Planetsusie said...

Such pretty boxes Christine I love the colours and the decorations - I shall pop over the Becca's site shortly. Have just finished my tag (at last) so I feel I should put it on my blog - especially since I had constipation of the brain over it for sooooooo long. lol.

Hugs Sue P xxx said...

Hi Christine

The boxes look very pretty-such a lovely idea. I too will be going to have a look on the site.
Sorry you didn't get your day out yesterday-it's supposed to be sunny today but although it's very hot it's still very overcast here.

Take care
Eileen x

Jenny L said...

Hi Christine,
your lost day out was our gain today, because not only did we get pics of your lovely boxes, but we also got the web address of how to make them too. Thank you for the info, I will pop by later and have a look, and may I also thank Carole for her help on the blog info and how to do something. Will keep that info in mind for you no when. Have a great crafty day and evening everyone.
Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

Christine Harrop said...

Thanks Carole. I'll have a go another time when I want to add a link!

lestim said...

Hi Christine, the boxes are truely lovely. I shall pop over to Grace's site it sounds amazing, excuse the pun. Thanks also to Carole, like you I didn't know how to add a link, now I do, brilliant. Best wishes, Lesley xx