Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Jenny's Reminder

Good morning all.  Well isn't this weather strange.  I went to visit my friend in the next village 2½ miles away yesterday evening.  We had the mother and father of all storms and the rain was torrential for about an hour.  I came home thinking I wouldn't need to water the garden and my rain barrels would be all topped up - to find everywhere bone dry!! We have had a few rumbles of thunder this morning but other than not nothing. It would be nice to have a downpour to freshen everything up and clear the air. Never happy are we?

I have made a couple of cards over the last couple of days but they are similar to ones I have already posted so I won't bore you again. A few days ago Jenny posted a bookmark and it reminded me of the ones I did at the same time for a challenge we entered.  Since this was before I started my blog I  thought I would post them today.

My Projects

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The first one is a corner bookmark, which is the type Jenny made too and you can find her very pretty bookmark here . The second one is a wrap around one. The ribbon goes inside the book  and the two toppers met on the front and are held closed with mini magnets. I made quite a lot at the time and they make nice little gifts. 

Hope you all have a good day. 

Love and hugs from Christine xx


  1. Beeldschone kaarten
    groetjes Janie

  2. Hi Christine, the good ol' corner bookmark, they are so fabulous for gift giving and yours is lovely.

  3. Lovely bookmarks Christine what beautiful gifts
    jacqui x

  4. Two beautiful projects Christine.xxx


  5. Christine your book marks are gorgeous, I do prefer the style of the second one a little bit more.

    Hazel xxx

  6. These are beautiful bookmarks Christine, love them all..xxx

  7. Same here where i was the road was flooded for an hour horrendous thunder and lightening and 5 miles away nothing!!It isn't much cooler for it either but I think there may be more to come! But it is lovely here still so am not complaining and the smell of the flowers,fruit and the warm damp earth is heaven!

    Love your bookmarks but sorry I am afraid I must be having a senior moment if the toppers are on the front of the book and the ribbon is the marker inside why do they need magnets! Discuss! ROFL! Sorry! :)

  8. Hi Christine,
    fabulous bookmarks. I loved them and your wonderful ideas when we entered the challenge. We both have come a long way since, not long before it's our 1st year anniversary for both our blogs. Where has that year gone. lol.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love dear friend. Jenny L.

  9. Christine je kaartjes zijn weer prachtig.
    Mooie kleuren en mooi afgewerkt.

    Groetjes Karla

  10. These are gorgeous Christine. I love the designs and beautiful colours. I have a bookmark that I made for the same challenge before I had my blog. It was partly Linda's encouraging words that inspired me to start my own blog and enter into this fabulous community. I am so grateful to her.
    Sue xx

  11. Good evening Christine,
    Love these projects. The second one really appeals to me might have a go at that soon.
    Hazel phoned me this morning warning me of a storm that she was having that would probably head our way. It came here about 30mins later, only a few rumbles of thunder a quick shower and that was it. Funny, funny weather right enough.

    Patricia xxx

  12. Prachtige kaarten Christine
    groetjes Gerrie

  13. Fab projects Christine..absolutely lovely. It's raining here as I type this and getting darker and darker LOL take care huggles Sue xx

  14. Hello Christine, I see your comments on many of my blog friends so I thought I'd pop over and see what you do and delighted I did.
    These are lovely, I particularly like the second one, gorgeous colours and detail.
    Having had a tour through your posts I see some wonderful creations, looking forward to seeing more, Kate x

  15. These bookmarks are great. Your corner one is so delicate and pretty. I have never seen the style of the second one...it is wonderful!

  16. They are so pretty Christine and will make a lovely gift. Thank you for the link too Karen x

  17. These are so pretty, Christine. very feminine and delicate. Love the flowers. Thanks for sharing.
    hugs, Asha
    Sunny Summer Crafts


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