Monday, 21 July 2014

Goofed Again!!

I made a real hash of my last post!!

 I hit publish yesterday when I should have saved to draft and so I reverted to draft.   Now I have actually finished the post and published it, it  is showing as being published yesterday afternoon so you probably won't see it.   Just in case - if you scroll to the end of this and click on previous post you will find my current post.  I am such a numpty!

Sorry for all the messing about.


  1. Hi again,
    Yes, I was confused when I clicked on your post and nothing was there. Mind you, I am confused by the above lol!
    At least you're sorted.
    Ang x

  2. I'm always confused anyway so it doesnt matter Christine LOL! just catching up on your lovely cards no clue where the time is flying by too they are gorgeous..lots of huggles Sue xx

  3. I did notice Christine. Never mind hey x

  4. I can't find the comment box. Very strange. Gorgeous card Christine xxx

  5. Could not find the comment box on the last post so thought \i would just leave it here! That is such a gorgeous card. Love the white on white witht he flash of the silver peeking through
    The white corners on the embossed paper look fabulous and your layered sentiment dies are perfect for this card.

    Lucky you gto have your DH so handy with the computer. We have to get our daughters to come and help! Soon it will be the granchildren! teehee


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