Monday, 21 July 2014

This Special Day

Good evening.  I have just got a new computer so I have not been able to to a anything for a couple of days.  John was working at my desk and I couldn't get in to do any crafting.  Saturday was taken up by John  "tidying" things up on my other one and backing everything to the external hard drive.  Sunday morning was taken up setting up the new system and downloading all the updates required.  I am not a computer geek and find all this very boring!

When my computer went down in December last year John bought me another one to replace it but just as a stop gap to give him time to "research" the situation  and decide on the one he really wanted to get for me.  Do all men spend a great deal of time on research do you think?  (He was just the same when I needed a new mobile phone!  All I wanted was one that I could talk and text etc, and as my dear friend Planet Susie said  "it doesn't need to make toast" ... lol!  I now have an all singing, all dancing phone that is totally OTT for me!  Although I do appreciate the better camera..)  But I digress! Turns out the computer I got in December  was really great and I was very happy with it and so, even though I now have the new one, he is going to keep the other one and set it up  as well.  Now why do two people need three computers?   I know we have three desks between us but even so .........

My Card

The picture is not good I'm afraid - mirri is so difficult.

My card is 6" x 6" and matted with silver mirri then another layer of white card which has been embossed with SB Dainty Dots. The corner dies are from Joycrafts. I used two stamps from JustRite Birthday Vintage Labels 4 which I stamped with Versamark and heat embossed with Detail Silver embossing powder. The oval sentiment sits inside the shaped flourish die so they were stamped at the same time and I then die cut it using JustRite Vintage Labels 4.   Although it is actually a set of birthday stamps I decided with the silver and white it works perfectly for a wedding or engagement card.

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying life.  Take care.


  1. Hiya...cann't see the photo of the card...but did have a giggle about how men like to research purchases.
    I am glad DH likes to do this cuz that is boring to me and makes my head explode! teehee I do research prices

    Will opop back later to see the card once you read this!

  2. I see your card and it is beautiful.
    My John would not have a clue (you get what you want, it will be fine) would be his response.
    I just ask Hazel she better at these things than me

    Patricia xx

  3. A gorgeous card Christine. I love the design and pretty corner dies.
    Lorraine x

  4. A beautiful white on white card Christine, love those corner dies. I think most men like to research techie stuff, I'm like you though and just want them to do the basics of what I need and not have lots of complicated extras.

  5. Hi Christine
    Love the white on white and gorgeous stamp. We have a desktop, laptop, tablet and 3 phones that access the internet and there's only two of us!
    Hope your new phone has a louder ringtone and better reception than the last one hahaha! (Remember the NEC lol!)
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  6. Welcome back! Great card, love the design.

    Love & Hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  7. Beautiful card Christine, glad it got
    ♥aNNie The Journey is the Start

  8. a beautiful white on white card Christine, love I'm the 'techie' in our house..Tom says he's fed up with computers after a day at work, has his work blackberry always close to hand (only cos he has to), but has no interest at all - whereas I will research! Hugs Carole Z X

  9. Beautiful card Christine, love the white on white. Had to laugh at Patricia comment about me being better than
    her at things, I don't think so. Charlie and Tammy are the researchers in our family. I just hate when Charlie decides to change the big computer or the printer, as I always prefer the old ones. It could be it takes me so long to work out how to use them? Hazel x

  10. This is gorgeous,love the design and fab

  11. Very classy Wedding card Christine love your pretty corners


  12. Morning Christine,
    Had to smile, I'm useless on the tecky stuff and my husband is even worse he can't even turn the computer on, I have a very nice man to help when thins go wrong, that's if the grandchildren can't help.
    Love your card, suitable for many occasions.

  13. Your card works perfectly for any number of occasions. Very well done Christine.

  14. Hello Christine, lovely white on white card, love the dies too.
    I'm the techie here, Alistair would just say it's up to you, hugs Kate x

  15. Ok now I'm going mad. It's here now lol xxx

  16. A really classy card.I like those corners you have used. Hugs Mrs A.

  17. I had to laugh about your 3 computers for 2 people. We understand that very well at our house. We have 2 desktops and a laptop. And one of us is not very computer literate either, but he likes doing email (when he feels like it!) and surfing the net for things that interest him (and worry me about links he may click that can load malware!). But anyway...we all like our toys, and the research kept him busy and happy. Your card is so right for an anniversary (or indeed any special day). Love the white, and the dot embossing is really pretty with the lovely corner lace. Just a beautiful card. Enjoy your new toy! TFS & Hugs


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