Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Acetate

Good afternoon to you all. Thanks for stopping by.  I'm not being a very good blogger at the moment but there is so much going on at present - and that's not counting Christmas stuff I'm trying to do too!  But I'm going to take a page out of Sue's book (Ollie's Mam) yesterday when she said she's not going to stress.  I have decided if things don't get done or finished, does it really matter? Of course it doesn't!!

My Card

Click on image to enlarge picture.

Unfortunately this was very difficult to photograph. The sun is so bright (and I am certainly not complaining about that!!) that the acetete was casting shadows and this was the best I could manage.  But at least you can get the idea.  I made a stepper card with paper and images from Crafters Companion Inspiration, Winter Edition and then made a tent fold over the top with acetate.  So simple yet so effective. I've just realised that the sentiment circl (SB Lacy Circles) has slipped so I'll try to correct that.

Well that's all I have time for today. Hope this finds you all well. I know Mrs Duck is unwell so I hope you're feeling a bit better Ang.


  1. I t doesn't matter if things are not done, life is too short my friend to worry over small unimportant things...You should see my place at the moment. Out door area not completed building, all our outdoor furniture indoors, no Christmas tree up and guests arriving in 8 days, who cares, not me...I am going to enjoy my time with my family...

    lovely card bye the

  2. Morning Christine,
    Lovely card, very cute images. My motto is what doesn't get done can wait until tomorrow.

  3. You're quite right Christine, like you I have so much going on at the moment as well as craft, but there really is no point fretting..just take as it comes and if it doesn't get done, well nothing is lost! Your card is really cute! Carole Z X

  4. Wow, I can't even begin to image how this lovely card was created. My one attempt at a step card didn't work out well for me. This is really pretty, and you have a lot of dimension with your cutouts. The pink shades are so feminine, and I love the little leaning puppy against that sweet chair. TFS & Hugs.

  5. This is just gorgeous,fab image. I totally agre nothing is worth stressing

  6. This is gorgeous Christine, such a beautiful design and adorable images.
    hugs Sue xx

  7. This is gorgeous Christine, love the design. I've managed to make some scarves this afternoon so I can stop stressing now! Carol x

  8. Brilliant card Christine I have promised myself to have ago at making one of these they look fantastic I love the images and colours you have used,
    lorraine x

  9. A gorgeous card Christine. The images look fab and I love the design with the acetate.
    Lorraine x

  10. Don't you be stressing! lol it's not worth it, this card is gorgeous Christine really lovely and we have so much to look forward to in 2014!!! I can't wait lots of huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Beautiful card Christine. I'm in a tizzy too, but I'll get there. Hugs Rita xxx

  12. Hi Christine
    Gorgeous card. My acetate ones never seem to look great so usually end up in the bin.
    Feeling a bit better thanks. Its moved on to the silly cough and mad sniffing stage now so hopefully it'll be gone by the 25th!
    Have a great day.
    Ang x

  13. Hallo Christine
    Wat een lief kaartje
    Groetjes Gerrie

  14. So pretty and so cute - lovely Christmas card and acetate is a nightmare to photograph too. I never realised it was that long ago that I had that stamp from LB Crafts lol! It is one of my all time favourite stamps because it's so elegant. I think I am mimicing an emu right now with regards to Christmas but I am trying very hard not to get so stressed about it this year xx

  15. Hi Christine,
    lovely pink card. I agree with you why stress about it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. Absolutely stunning, I really love it Christine.
    I am not stressing about Christmas but I am stressing at all the things "people" are expecting of me at the moment. From today the answer will be a definite "NO" to any requests even from my darling OH!!!!!!

    Patricia xxx

  17. Gorgeous Christmas card....Beautiful design & colours...the images are so sweet...It made me smile when you said that when you were working and trying to get time off the ward...Guess what I'm a Nursing Sister in the NHS.. nothing has changed then!!! (lol) Hugs May x x x

  18. Hi Christine. So little time and so much to do even for me who has been at home. My attitude is heyho at the moment! I love your card. It's fab how you can't see its acetate and all the elements look like they're floating :) catch you again soon love Lea x

  19. Beautiful card! I love the overall look of the acetate tent over the step card...I have never tried either and they look so good alone and so fantastic when paired together like you have done.
    It has the look of true your puppy is real!
    What a beautiful effect and lovely card.
    Don't fret over Christmas...I am sure that no one that you are swamped with making things for, would want you to be stressed. When I feel swamped, my youngest, married daughter will come over and hel me get caught up. She is a really fast worker who does things thoroughly! Then I go to her house to walk the kiddies and I stay and catch up her laundry, or mop over the floors and vacuum through for her! Sometimes we even bake does help things go faster...
    Do you have a fried or family to share the load with?

  20. So cute - put a big grin on my face!!


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