Monday, 12 November 2018

Christmas Card Club

Good morning and I hope you are all well. I think it has been quite an emotional and moving weekend commemorating the end of World War 1.  If only it actually had been the war to end all wars!

Today is my post for Rita's Christmas Card Club theme which was "Christmas Decorations or Gifts". A few weeks ago I made this table centre made up of kusudama flowers and realised I hadn't shown it so it was ideal for Rita's theme.  Sorry I'm a day late Rita! I've never been a real fan of origami but I do like how this turned out, and John is very impressed ... lol!

It would have been up earlier but I had to wait for some light in order to post it and then Blogger was playing up a bit and wouldn't let me post it.  I tried to tell Mr Blogger that I was already late for the second week running and to get a move on - he didn't listen!! Anyway, it gave me chance to say why it wasn't up first thing.

My Project

I used 30 sheets of 12 x12 papers from Sara's Signature Collection  "A Winter's Tale" pad and finished it off with pearl and diamante charms in the centre of each flower.  It took five flowers to make the table centre and as you can imagine it is pretty big!  I really like it though so I think I will do another smaller one, maybe 6" square, and double it to make a hanging ball. Still plenty of time before Christmas - although I have fallen well back with my Christmas cards.  

However, it was really quite annoying to find that the pages are not exactly a true square which means the fold wasn't precise and showed a little white from the reverse side along the edge.  It might not have been noticeable if the papers were double sided.  You might forgive that on a cheap pad, which this certainly wasn't, but what can you do?

Anyway, take care.


Jackie T said...

Firstly Happy Birthday Christine. Your decoration is gorgeous. I made loads of these flowers for our daughter's wedding. There is a page on my blog dedicated to the wedding. Have a great day. I hope you have something nice planned. Take care. Hugs Jackie

shazsilverwolf said...

Hi Christine, oh my, this is beautiful!The colours all blend so well, it's so gorgeous. I agree that the pages not being square is annoying,especially on a product from a quality brand. Funnily enough, some Crafters Companion hot foil didn't work as well for me as my other brands do, and equally, it wasn't cheap. Hugs, Shaz X

Gibmiss said...

Hi Christine
These flowers are fabulous... I did make some a few years ago...
enjoy your Birthday xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Christine and a very Happy Birthday to you, hoping you have a fab day.
Beautiful project, gosh it looks complicated. The papers are gorgeous, bet they took ages to make, but worth it, Kate x

Mrs A. said...

Many happy returns. This is a marvellous looking table centre. Love the colours. Blogger was playing me up big time yesterday too. Wouldn't let me save my post so had to keep on going in and trying again until it decided to save it 4 hrs later. Grr. Hugs Mrs A.

dutchess said...

This is gorgeous Christine....I looked up a tutorial on I am going to give this a go too....
Blogger has really been playing up for the last few days..I ended up logging out and back in again and that did the job for me.....hope you have had a lovely birthday xxx

rachel said...

Wow Christine - this looks amazing - truely awesome!!! Hugs rachel x

Wendy L said...

Looks pretty good, I used to make these flowers to decorate my book folds.
Happy birthday too. Xxx

lydia jordan said...

Morning Christine,
So pretty bet it took ages to make

Chriss America Real said...

Wow! This is gorgeous!